iDigital- Apple Premium Reseller

iDigital operates as a subsidiary of the iConGroup, Apple Authorised Dsitributor in Israel, in charge of purchasing, reselling and distributing Apple products to secondary marketing channels.
iDigital operates ten retail stores:
Tel Aviv- Ramat Aviv mall, Dizinfof Center, Sarona Compound
Rishon LeZion- Cinema City
Haifa- Grand Kenyon mall
Kfar Saba- G Center
Natanya- Poleg Center
Jerusalem- Malcha mall
Beer Sheva- Grand Kenyon mall
Eilat- Mall Hayam mall
In addition to Apple products, iDigital offers a host of products and brands by some of the world’s foremost digital lifestyle vendors.

iDigital’s stores are similar in style to Apple Stores around the world.
Great emphasis has been placed on turning each iDigital Store into a center of knowledge and experience; the perfect place to learn about Apple products and software.
The stores offer customers a chance to test out Apple’s products, as well as take part in courses, seminars, workshops and presentations on a variety of topics, for newbies, power users and professionals alike. Likewise, each store is staffed by a team of experts, which provide customers with personalized solutions to meet their individual needs, as well as support, guidance and a repair lab.
In addition, iDigital allows customers to make purchases online and over the phone.
Service and Support
We offer Expert Bar in the following stores:
1. iDigital Store, Ramat Aviv Mall (2nd floor), Einstein 40, Tel Aviv.
2. iDigital Store, Dizengoff Center (2nd floor), Dizengoff 50, Tel Aviv.
3. iDigital Store, Grand Kenyon, (3rd floor), Simcha Golan, Haifa.
4. iDigital Store, Grand Kenyon, (1st floor), Tuviyahu David, Beer Sheva
You may e-mail our Customer Service and Public Affairs department at
For any assistance on making the appointment on our website please call customer relations call center 03-9005355
We look forward to seeing you,
iDigital Store.